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Togetherness (2014)

“Togetherness” – The new album by Kamarius is an expression of the communion with The Divine. Other names: The Supreme, God, Consciousness, Unified Field, Universe, Absolute, Existence, Higher Self and many others are just words to describe The Formless and Nameless One. Though It’s without shape, we can find It with different faces in our lives as Father, Mother, Lover, Nature, Brother, Sister, Friend, Energy, Space, Bliss, Life, Creation, Sun and other billions of expressions.
Enjoy the music from this album evoking this unity of all.


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“Wine Of The Mystic” by Kamarius – a long awaited album (2011-2013) – is a New Age Music project with Oriental Music (World, World-Fusion) and Electronic Music blended in a very touching fragrance. It’s making your heart melt in its sacred space and your body move, dancing in the rhythm of the Universe or you can feel the stillness in a very easy way.
Relaxing, Meditative, Healing, Celebrating, Daylife Spirituality, Uplifting, Empowering are some flavors to describe this album.
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Hope you’ll enjoy it. Thank you !
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Kamarius appreciates every help..signing with major label,record houses,promotion,sponsors,donations,support,sharing,etc…everything that will help him to continue his artistic activity.
He also wants to thank to all the people who was with him along this way so far.Warm embraces!

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One of my favourites…

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One of My Videos

Kamarius – Nightscape(excerpt)

Hugs to everyone!